Whisky’s lesson for FMCG companies

by Rituparna Nath

August 2, 2021 | 01 min read


Hi, I’m Whisky.

For arranging my birthday party (which I hosted at the last minute), I visited some wine shops nearby. As we all know, you can’t just order any random drink online when your close friends are invited. You need to go out and pick the right drinks yourself, because you know your friends!🙃

To be frank, the experience I had in the first store was horrible. When I saw their chillers and the kiosk where they keep and display the products, I thought if only drunkards come there to get their poison. 🤔 Trust me… everything was just confusing. 

It was so cluttered that I could even see the beers kept under the wrong brand banner. Maybe the outlet employees are not paid well. 😂 Just kidding. But I really found it very hard to select the right beer, especially since my friends have different tastes. I ended my shopping in just 10 minutes. As a customer, I was extremely sad and pissed.

And the  was still ticking.

Being restless, I rushed 🏃‍♂️ to the very next alcohol shop, but it was just the same. Again, there were cleanliness issues. The kiosk and chillers where the products were placed, were too shabby🤮. I could see cockroaches staring at me thinking that I was going to remove their Eiffel tower (beer bottle). I felt sad to see big brands who produce the finest quality products being kept and treated in such a manner.

Again, for the same reason, I hesitated to pick the product.

Then I started wondering…

  1. Are companies aware that competitor products are being stocked in their company’s assets like chillers, refrigerators and display shelves?
  2. Are companies aware of how retailers are leveraging their company’s promotional material?
  3. Are companies checking if their merchandising efforts are really working? Are consumers really engaging with their brand?

🤔Thinking for a few minutes, I understood that the FMCG company that creates the product is not aware and does not have visibility on how the product is being taken care of. This eventually creates problems in maintaining quality.

The company may even fail to reach goals because something is going wrong that they don’t know about. Like, as employees not wearing uniforms, employees working in bad conditions, etc. All of this does hamper growth and profitability.

But thankfully all these issues can be solved if FMCG companies have a real-time view (Tracking) enabled for their products, and thankfully Bizom does just that!

BIZOM SMART RETAIL AUDIT is the ANSWER to ensuring that quality is maintained at all times. It helps keep every process in check.

A few of the many things that  Bizom Smart Retail Audit is capable of doing are – 

✅ Regular real-time monitoring & damage control which ensures higher uptime for  assets

✅ Asset purity to ensure none of the competitors is using  the company’s assets

✅ Proactive tracking of competition merchandising, schemes, pricing, etc,

✅ Monitors store appearance, presentation, correct label usage, in-store signage, cleanliness, and more

Bizom Smart Retail Audit is a high-utility, easy-to-use solution, which gives FMCG companies more visibility on their profitability and loss, and helps them take the required actions. To know more about this product, Mail📧 Bizom at marketing@mobisy.com to connect with the team.

Regards, Whisky🥃

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