Leverage inefficiencies to boost sales productivity

by Rituparna Nath

January 12, 2023 | 01 min read


In every movie, no matter how powerful the villain is, the protagonist always wins the show by leveraging some situational inefficiencies. From The Sound of Music to Spiderman, all movies have the same story.

  • But can that translate into work life?
  • Whom can you leverage inefficiencies against to win? And how?

Well, the “who” is pretty simple. To win and thrive, you need to leverage the situational inefficiencies your competitors and your channel partners face. You gotta do what your competition can’t do, and what your channel partners can’t do, you need to help them do.

Now the real question. How?

Let’s start with your competitors. Just like phone notifications, the market is filled with similar brands like yours who are targeting the same set of consumers. So how do you leverage such inefficiencies?

Think about it. While your competitors’ salesmen are combing the same market as you, do they know exactly which store to visit on which day to ensure optimum sales? Well, you can.

Your competitor might have a highly active distribution engine. But can they track exactly when each inventory is getting depleted and needs to be refilled? You definitely can.

  • Do your competitors have the pulse of the entire market at their fingertips? You can.
  • Is your competitor leveraging advanced analytics to forecast sales and production? You can do it.

And it’s the same with your channel partners.

While each shopkeeper does not know exactly which products they need to buy at how much quantity to drive the highest revenue gain, you can know and guide them.

When they don’t have enough cash at hand to order, you can instantly offer them the Buy Now Pay Later option at a few clicks.

While your channel partners wait for days for your competitor’s salesmen to arrive and take purchase orders, you can let them order from you anytime through a personalised app, built just for them.

And these are just a few of the many inefficiencies you can leverage using retail intelligence.

To experience the full power, mail us at marketing@mobisy.com or tap on the button below and schedule a product demo.

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