Make March Merry With FMCG Marketing Optimization Tool

by Rituparna Nath

February 17, 2022 | 01 min read


Light travels faster than sound, which is why data travels faster than words.

Insightful data can reach the eyes of the right decision-maker DAYS before sales teams meet to discuss the performance of the market.

These discussions tend to create the need to open Excel sheets and access raw data, make charts and pivot tables, and search for insights.

  • But how effective is that?
  • Is the data validated every time?
  • Is it error-free?
  • Are the insights answering the vital problems that the business needs to solve?
  • Can the insights predict future growth possibilities for the business?
  • And most importantly, the amount of time and productivity that is being lost in this process, is worth wasting?

With huge marketing budgets, comes the need to spend the money optimally, for earning the best positive ROI.

In order to optimize trade promotion spending throughout the supply chain, retail companies require end-to-end digital mapping and monitoring of every scheme and discount for each consumer market.

It creates the possibility to gain a real-time understanding of which marketing strategies and campaigns are working, or which ones need to be stopped or fixed immediately. 

FMCG companies right now are in desperate need of optimizing operations in order to absorb the rising cost of input prices, without damaging business growth.

At the same time, recovering from the past two years’ disruptions is an extremely tough nut to crack. So, not having the right tools is like going to war without armour. 

It’s foolish and leads to significant damage and a high probability of failure.

360° solutions, which come with enhanced capabilities to digitize discounts and schemes sanctioning for primary and secondary sales, can boost the efficiency of trade promotions throughout the supply chain. 

Such solutions, which have real-time dashboards to give total visibility on the effectiveness of every marketing dollar spent, will be a game-changer for FMCG companies in 2022.

Are your March sales figures still dependent on assumptions and Excel sheets?

Fastrack and change the equation. Talk to us to discover how the best brands in the retail business are driving higher ROI on trade promotions with intelligent retail technology. Mail us at to schedule a call with our team.

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