Omnichannel Retail Software

Managing Omnichannel Retail From Your Phone

You probably know IPL cricket scores better than your product sales numbers at this moment.

But Omni-IN retail intelligence makes life more progressive. 

An integrated retail solution that manages seamless product distribution across all online and offline channels, and brings you 100% unified sales visibility on every B2B, B2C, and D2C sale. 

The retail tech that simplifies retail insights. 

Bizom will send you notifications of sales numbers from every channel, in real-time.

All it takes is one tap on your mobile screen to monitor the performance of your sales teams across every market.

Track online orders and makes real-time decisions to fulfill orders faster with Bizom’s Omnichannel platform.

Receive daily updates of each channel’s most-performing and under-performing products and SKUs. 

Running different promotional campaigns? Check efficacy in real-time through your retail dashboards.

Wondering which markets are driving consumption? Remove the guesswork. Find every retail data structured as insights on Bizom.

Because if not now, then when? By the time your team compiles all data and formulates “sales insights”, you will lose multiple opportunities. Meanwhile, your competitors will eat into your market.

However, retail businesses need more than just insights. Even though India had 140 million online shoppers as of 2021, the remaining consumers of the 1.4 billion population are still shopping offline.

That’s why Bizom’s technology refines the omnichannel experience not only for you, but also for your sellers.

Bizom’s Retailer app enables every store seller to be more connected with the brand, both online and offline. Retailers can self-order, track present and past orders, get all invoices on one platform, explore all products and schemes right through one screen and access their sales performance in real-time.

It’s time for you to upgrade to a 360° sales view to get a better hold on all supply chains. Mail us at to connect with our team.

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