Message from the Pakistan Cricket Team to FMCG India: “Change is hard, but a must”

Change is always disconcerting. Ask the Pakistani cricket team. Inside sources say, after losing the World Cup game to India, the team is on a hard diet now. 

Fixing unproductive behaviours is tough. We know exactly how tough after having worked with over 300 customers and 150,000 users

Which is why we stay inspired by the Narang Group’s approach: from identifying requirements for their sales automation systems to training the sales teams, their brief to us was always clear. Make it easy for our people.

Watch our video with the Narang Group and read our small but significant list of hacks to make your sales automation journey easy.


HACK #1: Create a new narrative. Sell the automation as a tool for personal development. The automation tool helps the sales rep to manage the expectations of his managers by updating them on progress regularly. Doing so helps fast-track the individual’s growth within the organisation and earn incentives more easily.

HACK #2: Make cultural shifts within the organisation. Execute creative campaigns to drive the message of your company’s priority to grow its people and processes. Such investments will lead to an exponential growth in the business as well as the individual.

HACK #3: Institute a training academy. Narang created NASA (Narang Access Sales Academy) to not only train the sales force but also help with their career development, including assisting them in crafting their resumes.

There’s a lot that we can do for your sales and supply chain automation systems. Try us now.

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