Move from the sales invoicing hassle and automate it through B2B WhatsApp Engage

by Mehak Jaggi

November 16, 2022 | 02 min read


Move from the sales invoicing hassle and automate it through B2B WhatsApp Engage

Salespeople often wonder if there is a more convenient way for retailers to buy their products. They are the ones who represent the brand’s image, vision and meet set targets. Brands often invest a lot of time in building their retail strategies and planning promotions.

However, what if all this goes in vain if the retailers can’t retain this relevant information? Considering the fact that they interact with multiple salespersons each day for different brands.

Ever thought about how to stand out and do smart work instead of hard work…?!!

We have a solution for you: BIZOM B2B WHATSAPP ENGAGE.

It offers a foothold into direct interaction channels between clients and retailers by adding value through the features offered. Once retailers are used to the convenience of Whatsapp Invoicing, this communication channel can be used for various other purposes, such as running promotional schemes, awareness campaigns, gamification, and so on.

It offers the ability to set up automated messages to streamline sales and marketing processes. As we at Bizom understand, there are many important communication aspects while running and promoting a business on WhatsApp – and each is important in its unique way.

This solution can help the sales and marketing teams to have communications set up in such a way that they are sent out automatically without the need for any intervention from a human agent. 

Moreover, salespeople’s hassle of printing sales invoices to validate order details every time, or they have to manually track them, which creates inefficiencies. This returns brands to square one, with no or limited transparency for retailers and their sales data.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, brands often provide them with bluetooth prints. But, wait, why print these if you can WhatsApp them?

This would help you to manage CapEx and salespeople’s time in the market.

So what are you waiting for? Want to know more and work effectively and efficiently?

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