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munimo.com was launched as a community effort to find the coolest applications for Mobile phones using the brains of the Mobile enthusiast community. Blame it on the slow user interface or sluggish community or the most likely reason ..  lack of effort from the promoters (momo Bangalore,Mayank and Mobisy) themselves, munimo never went beyond a handful of users. So today,  we decide to rest munimo for the time being and relaunch it as a blog.
Yes, it’ll now be a blog. At Mobisy, we have years of experience programming for Mobile handsets and it’s quirks. So we thought why not share our knowledge to wider community and learn little more from some other hackers out there as well.
BTW, if you think you are a Mobile guru and want to contribute, please feel free to write to us at munimo at mobisy dot com and if we think you are geeky enough to write here , we would be glad to include you as co-Authors of the blog !!
Here is to the new beginning ..

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