Opportunities for Growth in the New Normal

by Bizom

July 19, 2021 | 02 min read


The last year or so has been a blessing in disguise for many consumer goods companies. Though Out of Home consumption almost came to a halt, categories like food, personal wellness, and hygiene saw exponential growth. As the euphoria settles down with normalcy slowly kicking in, we believe some of them are here to stay. 

We believe that the post-pandemic world in the FMCG industry will not be a simple reinflation of the pre-pandemic world. The post-pandemic will have its own set of technologies, supply chains, partnerships, etc. We are also witnessing large funding rounds, brand extensions into new categories, and M&A activities to capture the opportunity. 

An interesting observation of the winners emerging out of these trends is that almost everyone has extensively leveraged technology across functions to drive growth. Direct to Consumer, Direct to Retailer, digitizing front like workers & distributors, etc. are a few areas where the focus was given depending on the scale of the organization.

While successful operating models have evolved to capture the D2C model, we have observed that D2R2C channels are still facing challenges with respect to churn among field forces, retailers & distributors. This has resulted in inconsistent distribution, and brands have witnessed a drop in their numeric distribution as well. 

Leveraging our knowledge of industry best practices, below are the three things that need to be done by FMCG companies to address this challenge. 

  1. Identify opportunities & white spaces: Brands need to identify geographies that can potentially drive growth for them. With such information, brands can prioritize building distribution & target marketing efforts. 
  2. Right outlet identification: Identifying the right set of retailers not only helps in selling more efficiently but is also important for factors like reducing returns, partner ROIs, targeting schemes, etc. 
  3. Empower the front line with insights: The above information must be distributed in a simplified format to the field force to help them make the most of their time in the market. 

      To make the above effortless Bizom Eagle Eye is the Solution:

      Bizom Eagle Eye is a geospatial retail intelligence tool that helps you break bigger geographies into micro-segments and neighborhoods. It analyses your brand presence and the business potential by evaluating several parameters, including retail presence, footfalls, demographics, etc. With the Bizom Market Expansion tool, brands can maximize reach and sales by focusing on the right outlets and identifying new outlets based on potential.

      If you’re looking to grow your outlet universe, we can help! 

      Find out more about Bizom’s Eagle Eye tool through a free virtual demo. Mail us at marketing@mobisy.com to connect with our team.

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