Ownership Doesn’t Mean Doing It

by Rituparna Nath

August 03, 2023 | 01 min read


Ownership Doesn’t Mean Doing It

They stand at the corner of the game, always agitated and alarmed, ready to tackle any attack on us.

A coach is surely a guide and a friend, but most importantly it’s someone who transports us from where we are to where we want to be. Even when we don’t know where exactly we want to reach.

That’s probably why all coaches are managers, yet all managers fail to become coaches.

A manager typically only manages or organizes work and operations to get the desired output. Whereas, a coach fundamentally drives performance and looks at how to take performance effectiveness to the next level.

Coaches go overworking and yelling at their players, but have you ever met someone who hates their coach yet keeps paying them?

Weirdly, on the other hand, a manager hires the players and pays, yet is mostly disliked by his players.

So why is the one who we hired, more loved than the one who hired us?

It’s because of their skin in the game.

A manager delegates work, whereas a coach owns it much more. He shows how to do it right and do it best.

A manager sets targets, but a coach sets a vision, gives a plan to get it done, and tracks if every action is taken towards success or failure.

A manager will send his team to bring home the win, but a coach tries to be there on every step towards success.

That’s why when the team loses, a manager’s first reaction is to know who to blame, but a coach blames himself and looks at how he can fix the problem.

But in business, how can you transform from a manager to a coach when your team is spread across different markets? How to make sure every step they take is planned and taken in the right order for the best result?

You become their virtual coach!

Make insightful decisions

Transform how you manage the business and #BeThere beside every salesman.

#Bethere to tell them which promotions are working in which store.

Show them what products and SKUs match the requirements of which market.

#BeThere at every shelf where your products need to be.

#BeThere to show every opportunity to your team.

True ownership doesn’t mean doing it yourself. It means to get it done no matter what it takes.

To explore how you can do this in retail, talk to us at marketing@mobisy.com or click below to schedule a conversation from the link below.

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