Personalize the tech in your distribution

by Rituparna Nath

November 24, 2022 | 01 min read


The voice recorder on our phones is possibly the least used feature by most of us. (among many others!)

But did you know for a salesman who’s talking to 50 people every day, taking orders, and closing deals, it’s actually helping them recollect particulars of each conversation and complete their work effortlessly.

The way technology helps each individual in their work, differs. 

Like, while many of us find the concept of wearing any kind of watch useless, athletes, workaholics, and those with special needs use the same to work with more ease. 

The world is filled with such tech that empowers everyone in their own way.

Bluetooth keyboard for techies, measuring app for tailors and photographers, and whatnot!

So how about retailers? 

  • Have you wondered how you can use tech to empower your retailers? 
  • Is it possible for retailers to track the orders they place with your company, in real time?
  • Can you provide them with digital ledgers to manage all transactions?
  • Can there be a way to connect with retailers digitally and run loyalty programs continuously
  • Is it possible to provide them credit in seconds?
  • Can their daily work lives be made easier?
  • Can technology make it easier for you to sell your secondary? 

Well, the Retailer App can.

Made for retailers and treasured by companies, this app makes it possible to connect digitally with every shopkeeper and make their business run faster.

With one app every retailer can be informed about all products and schemes that are available.

Companies can send push notifications anytime to inform them of new products and SKUs that are launched.

Retailers can be sitting in their shops or lying in bed, and can order from your company in a few clicks!

And your salesmen too can turn off that voice recorder and still receive those purchase orders. 🙂

All these and much more with The Retailer’s Tech.

Come and explore the features of the Retailer app through a personalized demo by Bizom experts. Mail us at or schedule a demo from the link below.  

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