Pick Up The Fallen Popcorn For Retailers

Bizom B2B WhatsApp Engage takes every business information right into your retailer’s WhatsApp chat box.

In the distance between the food counter and a movie theater seat, we usually end up losing a few popcorn.
But it hardly matters since the bucket awaits us.

Retailing is quite the same. That bucket represents all the business a retail shop can manage in a single day. Both buying and selling.

Stores need to buy, stock, and sell products to sustain, i.e. enjoy the bucket of popcorn. And since their main focus remains on selling the products in-store, product procurement often gets neglected.

When the store is full of customers, retailers can’t afford the time to check what products salesmen are keeping in the store. Shopkeepers often misplace sales invoices. Many aren’t aware of all the schemes and discounts companies are offering.  

These are the fallen popcorn.

And the retailers aren’t going to pick them up.

The company has to pick them up and place them in the retailer’s bucket. You need to catch the retailers’ attention and make them aware of every important communication. You need a convenient way to connect and communicate with your channel sellers, constantly.

And what’s easier than WhatsApp?

Bizom B2B WhatsApp Engage takes every business information right into your retailer’s WhatsApp chat box.

It lets you share every sale detail with your retailers instantly, and unlock new sales opportunities through faster interaction.

Imagine if you could increase business efficiency through direct engagement.

You can. Connect with our experts to know more about B2B WhatsApp Engage or request a demo below.

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