Optimize BTL spend using computer vision.

Planoret redefines outlet audits. Understanding the underlying patterns associated with shelf space, presence and absence of a product, right product placement, eye-level positioning, product compliance, and planogram compliance is now at your fingertips with Bizom Planoret.

Bizom Planoret comprises of below features.

Presence and Absence of Product

Planoret will detect the presence and absence of the product.

Share of Shelf

Percentage of shelf space occupied by the brands SKU vs others.

Number of Product Facings

Planoret can detect the total number of brands SKUs present in the shelf.

Eye-Level Positioning

Planoret can detect whether the brands’ products are placed in an eye-level.

Planogram Compliance

Planoret can detect whether products are placed according to a defined planogram.


Brands can access key insights from Planoret through OneView integration.

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