Reach your retailers with B2B WhatsApp Engage

by Rituparna Nath

November 10, 2022 | 01 min read


Happy WUD!

This World Usability Day, let’s ask the question you never ask yourself.

How deep is your love? With your retailers.

Are they happy with the time you give them?

Is this the best relationship you can have with them?

And most importantly, is technology damaging your relationship with them?

Everyday, they invest their time and effort to keep your business alive, yet your team meets them once in a few days, only for a while.

A decade ago, this could have been OK. But today it’s not!

Because your lack of communication is giving your tech-savvy competitors the opportunity to build a better relationship with your retailers.

While your salesmen visit them weekly, chit-chat, and sell some products, the big-shot competitors are connecting with them daily through B2B shopping apps, notifying them of new products, new offers, and whatnot.

So, in this digital world, where families and friends are losing out on their relationships due to technology, how secure is your relationship with your retailers?

But instead of running away from it, here’s an easier way to embrace and employ it.

B2B WhatsApp Engage builds a direct communication channel between your company and your retailers without forcing them to learn to use any software.

And it all starts with a sale! Once a retailer makes a purchase, they will start receiving their invoices on WhatsApp. Your company can then use the channel to share information on new schemes, product launches, and more.

A simple way to use technology and build a better secondary sales experience without any hassle.

Because, think about it. What is a relationship? It’s an attachment and the experience it brings. 

Build yours with your retailers. 

To know more, connect with our team at or click on the link below. 

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