Reduce Digital Pollution In Retail With Omni-IN Tech

How many browsers are open on your computer right now? Multiple.

How many browsers are open on your computer right now? Multiple.

How many apps do you use to order online? Probably the same.

Not finding what we need in one place, makes us search for more options that meet our requirements.

A solution for taking orders from sellers. Another for monitoring orders. And three to six more to manage the distribution network and fulfil those orders. 

It’s like visiting ten shops to buy ten different things instead of going to a supermarket.

The number of solutions a business needs to function rises exponentially over time, increasing more complexities in your system and your investment in technology.

And still, your efficiency will remain a question. 


Because running your business on different small engines is like driving multiple cars on a single race track. Every solution accelerates at its own pace to reach the finish line.

But supply chains are railway tracks. So you need a powerful unified engine that can fuel all your bogies (business functions). 

Omni-IN Retail Intelligence is the one platform that manages, monitors and maximizes the potential of your offline and offline supply chains. Harnessing the power of deep data insights, the platform captures all activities and data from every selling touchpoint and brings the real-time analysis to your phone screen.

No more switching between different solutions for managing different business operations. Do it all from one place and with higher efficiency.  

You can learn which products sell well online compared to the offline market. See which channels and which sellers are performing better and which ones require your immediate intervention.

But there’s more you can do. Because Bizom’s technology brings a lot more than merely efficiency. We create opportunities.

Our Omnichannel solution transforms your retail business end-to-end to create a seamless shopping experience for your consumers and channel partners.

We can grow your distribution network twofold by creating a b2b marketplace for your company. We can increase your fullfilment capabilities and reduce your delivery lead time.

Our technology is trusted by Hershey’s, United Breweries, Emami, Reckitt, Godrej, WOW Skincare, Cargill, Piramal, Parle Agro and nearly 550 more retail companies, worldwide.

So are you ready to build a more substantial omnichannel business with Omni-IN retail? Connect with our team at to schedule a discussion with us.

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