Sales Gamification Software: The surefire way to accelerate employee performance

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April 19, 2022 | 05 min read


Sales Gamification Software

Companies across the globe struggle with keeping their employees engaged, motivated, and aligned to their goals. This is especially true in the case of sales teams who are a critical part of any business. Their motivation and will to perform keeps fluctuating with the market scenario. This blog tells you how you can leverage sales gamification software to help boost your sales team’s performance and keep them highly motivated.

What is sales gamification?

Gamification, in simple terms, is the process of applying game-like mechanics in a real-life scenario. These could include giving points and badges, organizing challenges and competitions, maintaining leaderboards, etc. Sales gamification softwares are famous for employing these tactics in a sales scenario to ensure a fun-filled sales journey. For example, Bizom’s sales gamification software lets you set goals for the teams to achieve. Performing each sales activity earns them points. It could be calling a lead, meeting with a potential client, etc. These points are tracked, and the sales rep with the highest points is rewarded for their efforts. This, in turn, paves the way for making mundane sales tasks exciting and rewarding.

How Does Sales Gamification Boost Sales Performance?

Improving the performance and productivity of the sales team is one of the primary goals of sales gamification software. Here’s what it does to significantly boost your team’s performance and achieve your sales revenue goals:

  • Increases engagement among teams leading to increased cohesiveness
  • Boosts motivation to outperform other team members or even personal performance
  • Uplifts the mood of the team and encourages them to perform better
  • Creates a sense of accountability and a need to perform better
  • Promotes data visibility, paving the way to understand revenue-generating behavior
  • Improves clarity through clearly set goals and KPIs

The Pressing Need To Gamify Sales in Retail

The basic principle that governs the concept of sales gamification is that it enables sales teams to collaborate, share and build cohesiveness, all while ensuring they are having fun. Additionally, it also allows for friendly internal competition, which paves the way for the leadership to understand the performance of their team members. And in today’s competitive market, who wouldn’t want to have a high-performing sales team?

Amongst the many reasons why sales leaders love sales gamification softwares, the most exciting feature that stands out to them is the ability to track the team’s target V/S actual performance in real-time. In retail, using a sales gamification software helps managers track each sales-related task the team performs and assign points accordingly. Sales leaders love sales gamification software because it does their work and proactively reminds the salesperson to achieve their goals, keeps them on track, and ensures they meet their targets on time. It also increases the cohesiveness among various teams as they work together to achieve the company’s goals on time.

A highly engaged employee is also a highly productive employee. The mobile-first approach of Bizom’s gamification software is highly efficient in tracking all sales activities on the go. Your team can update their status, tick off tasks, participate in challenges, and climb up the leaderboard while doing their best on the field.

Bizom’s sales gamification software lets you set goals that your sales team can achieve over a period of time. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that it is imperative to establish the KPIs to achieve a goal.

Sales gamification can end the challenges companies face worldwide due to poor processes and execution. For starters, it can streamline the tracking of all activities, be it order management or customer relationship management. Additionally, gamification creates highly engaged and efficient, motivated, productive teams and drives business revenue. Tirumala Milk, an organic dairy products brand in India, amplified its sales growth and profitability through Bizom’s Sales Gamification Software.

Sales Gamification Webinar
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Now that you know why you should be looking at gamifying your sales processes let’s see how you can implement sales gamification software in your business strategy for a rewarding experience.

Steps to implement sales gamification software in your business strategy

Sales Gamification Steps

While implementing a sales gamification software might sound like a daunting task, it is not. The following six-step solution will illustrate how to implement sales gamification in your business successfully.

Set Goals

The first step is to set strategic yet realistic goals. These could be anything from increasing the pipeline to acquiring X new clients. Make sure you set goals that are neither too stretchy nor easy to achieve. Hitting the right balance is vital when setting goals to ensure constant motivation among the team. Always ensure you set quantitative goals over qualitative. While having qualitative goals isn’t entirely wrong, remember that sales teams LOVE numbers. Having goals that have numbers attached to them usually tends to motivate teams to go above and beyond to surpass the numbers. Also, it is easily measurable, making it easier to quantify how much value each team and individual has created for the company.

Select KPIs

Once you have set your goals, the next step is to ascertain how you would measure the goals. That’s where establishing KPIs comes in handy. Your KPIs or Key Performance Indicators will help you understand how well your strategy has fared. On the Bizom Sales Gamification software, you can track hundreds of KPIs. But, it’s essential to know what you need to track to get the output you expect.

Some of the most common yet significant KPIs you can track include attendance, fill rate, time spent on the field, target achievement rate, etc. For example, with Bizom’s sales gamification software, users are awarded points each time they mark their attendance on time. This motivates the users to be on time, increases their productivity and helps the leadership keep a check if punctuality is being maintained.

Some important Sales KPIs Every Retail Business Should Track:

Sales Gamification KPI
  1. Sales Growth: The ability of your sales team to increase revenue over a fixed period of time
  2. Sales Target: Current sales revenue compared to a target or past performance
  3. Customer Acquisition Cost: How much it costs for a company to acquire one customer
  4. Average Sales Cycle Length: The amount of time from your first touch with a prospect to closing the deal
  5. Lead-to-Opportunity Ratio: The effectiveness of your sales team at converting leads into opportunities
  6. Opportunity-to-Win Ratio: The effectiveness of your sales team at converting opportunities into new customers
  7. Lead Conversion Ratio: The effectiveness of your sales team at converting leads into new customers
  8. Revenue per Sales Rep: The ability of each of your sales reps or sales teams to generate revenue for your organization
  9. Profit Margin per Sales Rep: The ability of each of your sales reps or sales teams to generate profit for your organization
  10. Productivity level per Sales Rep: The productivity level at which your sales rep operates

Define Players

Now, you need to focus on building strong teams with a mix of players with varying skill sets. In a retail context, it would mean building a team that has multilingual members, each with unique skills like prospecting, negotiating, data management, and more. It should also include a leader who will be held accountable for the team’s performance in the games. This would let the leadership team have a glimpse of the potential leaders’ abilities. In short, teams must be built strategically to work optimally to achieve the desired results.

Game On

Once you’ve determined the participants of your sales game, the next step is to START! You can start by creating rules, understanding what motivates your team, discussing the games and strategies, etc. In a recent survey by TalentLMS, it was found that 89% of the employees surveyed said that when a task is gamified, they feel competitive and motivated to complete it. Ergo, it leads to a healthy internal competition that will give you outstanding results.


The next step is the most anticipated part of the entire process! Nothing is more satisfying than knowing your efforts have paid off and been recognized. This doesn’t just mean having cash rewards but also having meaningful performance reviews and genuine appreciation processes. Build a strategy around the rewarding process. You can choose to have daily winners, weekly leaders, or monthly achievers. Bizom’s gamification software has a dynamic and interactive user interface, letting players see real-time leaderboards and share appreciation posts from within the platform.

What can be more motivating than being called the star performer in front of your entire team!


Sales gamification is an ongoing process. It doesn’t end with rewarding the top achievers but goes on to identify the weak points of each individual and ensure they overcome any hurdles. Coaching and mentoring from the right leaders can make a whole world of difference for an eager learner. Ascertain your team’s learning needs and continue coaching and developing their skills to increase their performance efficiently.

This will also be a learning experience for the leadership team. You can understand where you can improve processes, learn how the team feels about sales gamification, make changes in your approach to improve the efficiency of the process, etc.

Some examples of sales gamification that is highly visible in the retail industry

Example 1: Training

Product knowledge is the bread and butter of a sales team. You want to train your sales team on the new features you have planned to introduce in the next quarter. Ensuring each team member completes the training can be an exhausting task. With oodles of information being passed, it can also get boring for the sales team. However, leveraging sales gamification software can make the entire process fun and interesting. You can easily track the training performance of your entire team in one place. You can set timers, assign points, and have a leaderboard that shows who has completed the training the fastest while scoring the highest points on the evaluation tests. These tests ensure your team knows your product inside out. When you hire hundreds and thousands of people, initiatives like this ensure quality control.

Example 2: Challenges

Sometimes, prioritizing can become a task for your sales team with many products to sell. This can be especially when you have multiple new products launching. Your sales team must focus on these new products. In such cases, leveraging sales gamification software can help. You can create challenges pertaining to the new product, track performances in real-time, and reward the winners, ensuring they stay focused on the product that needs the most attention. This will also help you ensure your weekly/monthly/quarterly targets are achieved without the team getting exhausted. Win-win!

Bizom’s gamification software is a mobile-friendly solution that keeps the game running from any location. Your sales teams can track and update all sales activities on the go, like mark the status of tasks or check out/ monitor the score of other teams.

Some of the most remarkable features of Bizom Gamification Software are:

  • Quick and simple configuration
  • A simplified rule set up based on the company’s KPIs/goals
  • Run multiple games at the same time
  • Varieties of games available
  • Real-time visibility of performance metrics of each player
  • Download feature for cross-sharing
  • Real-time leaderboards available on mobile for continuous updates

Hershey’s, one of the largest dairy products manufacturers globally, has been a favorite among Indians. Be it their chocolate syrup or the famous Hershey’s Kisses, they have managed to entice the chocolate-loving crowd in the country. Today, they are accelerating growth in India’s highly-competitive market with Bizom’s Sales Gamification Software. Watch this video to know how the team at Hershey’s managed to do that.

Sales gamification software is the way forward to ensure high levels of efficiency and productivity. Connect with our team today to know how to increase channel sales with  Bizom’s sales gamification software.

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