Sales Leaders Share Strategies to Deal with a Downturn

Feed the Baby 

That’s right. Your sales teams need all the nourishment that they can get now and you can give it to them. Make their jobs easier. Automate some of their banal tasks. Give them easy access to insights. Put them on a path of sales self-actualisation. 

If you are a regular reader of our newsletter, then you know all about the digital transformation of your distribution networks and supply chains. It can help upskill your sales teams and give your revenues a massive boost. 

If you’ve been around in sales for the last two decades, then this is your third recessionary economy. You have seen enough examples of companies that invested in technology and pivoted their business models to succeed and outrank the ones that did not. You also saw companies perish from dealing with a recession by tightening their belts.

If there’s one lesson we can learn from history, then it is this: invest more and work smarter in tough times to come out a winner. 

At the heart of all the work that needs to be done is your sales organisation. In these times, sales and business leaders are taking on the role of coach. They are sharing their experiences of economic downturns and the sales strategies that worked for them. 

In “3 Step Approach to More Productive Sales Teams,” Lalit Bhise explains the relevance of multi-touch digital interventions to retail execution and distribution. In “Lead Your Sales Team Through Uncertain Times,” Scott Edinger, the founder of Edinger Consulting Group, relies on his experiences and that of his mentor through recessionary economies, to offer three principles that can help sales leaders through any crisis.

We have curated the best articles, videos, and podcasts on managing your sales strategies and organisations in a downturn. Save this list now and enjoy it later.


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