Seamlessly Capture Offtakes for Ultimate Productivity

by Mehak Jaggi

November 8, 2023 | 02 min read


Tertiary sales data in India’s FMCG sector is primarily derived from a retail panel. In India, the FMCG business’s reliance on modern supermarkets accounts for less than 10% of the market, with the majority of urban sales originating from independently-owned stores, known as “kirana” stores.

We often hear that the tertiary level is one of the most important pieces in the route-to-market process. But then why aren’t FMCG brands able to capture it? Why brands don’t have offtake visibility?

The Indian retail market is estimated to be worth $1.3 trillion as of 2022. India is one of the fastest-growing retail markets in the world, with 1.4 billion people. It is also forecasted that it will increase to 30-35% with a share of traditional retail coming down to 65-70%.

Thus alarming a need for a solution to capture the offtake visibility in this space. With the BIZOM TERTIARY SALES APP, brands can understand which product is picked by consumers, and at what price and time. This helps manage inventory and demand forecasting, reducing the chances of over or under-stocking any products in the retail store. Another aspect is, that it also takes care of the promoter ROI and all promotional activities they are meant to do in the retail stores.

Tertiary Sales App helps to solve a major FMCG problem by capturing customer details and their feedback. By this brands can do targeted campaigns and understand the pulse of the market.

Now why depend on distributors and retailers to give you all the data, when you can get it all in one place?

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