See the Changing Colors in the Sales Depth

With a Tertiary Sales app, you can capture every sales movement at retail fronts.

The reddest Apple in the whole world won’t look that red 10 feet underwater.

As colors travel below the surface water, light refracts and colors loss their identity. Literally.

First Red, followed by Orange, Yellow, Green and so on.

Similarly, above water, when the roots of distribution spread across the world, the colors of the trade changes.

  • Products that you expected to bring stacks of green, might be turning your top-line redder by the minute.
  • Stores that you thought are your biggest champions, could become your competitors’ commanders.
  • Months when you hoped sales would shine the brightest, can become pitch dark in days.

But all this doesn’t happen because of light.

It happens because of time.

The time you lose to get to know what happening with your products in the market, takes away the ability to take proactive decisions and counter the problems in downstream distribution.

And at month’s end, you end up blaming the market for the poor sales performance.

Yet even then..

  • Do you get to know when, and where, what went wrong?
  • If there were sales opportunities in certain markets that you missed out?
  • Are there new market challenges that might be incoming?

Probably not.

That’s why getting that last-mile visibility on sales in a must today!

With a Tertiary Sales app, you can capture every sales movement at retail fronts, and make that information travel upstream in real-time.

Trade decisions can be taken faster with real-time sales data, rather than waiting for monthly reports.

No matter the size of your business and the depth of your distribution, you can see through it with 100% transparency, from the warehouse to the consumer’s basket.

Because by default, as humans, we tend not to see things they way they are, but rather see them the way we are ourselves.

That’s why it takes real intelligence to see things for what they actually are.

So, make retail execution intelligent across the depth of sales and distribution. Enable your team with the Tertiary Sales app to get that visibility that your sales is missing.

Get a demo of the Tertiary Sales app to see how it can give an edge in the market. Connect with our team at or schedule a demo from the link below.

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