Seven competitive advantages FMCG companies gain from Bizom’s sales solutions

by Nisha Narayanan

November 16, 2017 | 02 min read


Seven competitive advantages FMCG companies gain from Bizom’s sales solutions

“Only ⅓ of sales reps’ time is spent in front of customers,” scream the headlines. This shocking statistic was thrown up in Docurated’s much-cited State of Sales Productivity Report, 2017.  A key finding of the same report was also that the vast majority (79%) of sales and marketing VPs surveyed believed that increasing sales force productivity is the top driver in hitting revenue targets.

In this scenario, automation of the sales process is usually seen as a cure-all. However, the report goes on to tell us that while companies are spending increasing amounts on sales productivity solutions, sales reps are, ironically enough, spending a whopping 20% of their time just on using those tools!

One thing is clear from this data — just any automation solution will not give you the business outcomes you are looking for. Not all solutions are created equal and adopting the one most appropriate for your sales team and business can mean the difference between success and failure in meeting your revenue targets.

Additionally, a robust sales transformation solution can (must) offer a lot more than just higher sales productivity. It can, as the term suggests, offer competitive advantages that can transform the sales function and lead to better results for the business as a whole.

Here are some of the competitive advantages Bizom’s suite of sales transformation solutions offers its customers:

Hygienic customer information

If knowledge is today’s ultimate competitive advantage, having the ability to access and manage knowledge easily is clearly a key differentiator for success. Bizom facilitates this right from the get-go by taking ownership of collecting and collating the correct data as a first step in implementing its solutions.
Post implementation, the integrity of the data continues to be maintained as most of it is captured in real-time, often even without human intervention.

For example, through a combination of GPS technology, image recognition, and manual entry by frontline staff, the app captures customer-specific intelligence such as the availability and off-take at different points in the supply chain. This data can be leveraged all the way up the supply chain to improve stocking accuracy, resource allocation, and production.    

A motivated, intelligent frontline

According to research, a good sales force automation (SFA) solution should arm your sales reps with timely training, relevant account intelligence, high-quality sales content and optimized pricing recommendations. Companies should choose an SFA solution that is more than just a data-capturing app. We believe an SFA solution must understand the business process of the organization and should enable the sales reps to not just cut down time but help them do their job better.

For instance, Bizom captures the order history of each retailer and helps the sales representative identify order patterns and plan better. It also allows each representative to track their progress towards achieving their targets. This motivates them to work smarter and boosts sales and productivity (the latter by at least 70%).

In addition, Bizom’s mobile-first approach fits in with today’s millennial workforce’s preference and need to work on the go.

Data-driven strategic information

Bizom’s technology is capable of crunching data and delivering predictive data analytics and insights to help company executives forecast future events. In addition, with the mundane task of manually monitoring and managing field force personnel off their hands, mid and top-level managers can focus on using the real-time data captured by Bizom to devise effective operational and functional strategies.

For instance, Bizom has the capability to provide more than 1000 real-time reports that capture various aspects of the sales function. These reports are highly customizable and use elements like colour coding and traffic light dashboards to help managers quickly identify areas they must focus on.

What’s more, Bizom offers an advanced business intelligence (BI) tool for faster and smarter decision-making. This technology allows for complex reports and critical alerts to be created quickly using queries. Information can also be presented through easy-to-grasp dashboards.

Bizom’s 360-degree SFA solutions demolish silos across divisions and make relevant data available to all stakeholders.

Access to a cutting-edge roadmap

With Bizom under the hood, you will never need to wonder whether your system is up to speed with the latest technology. Bizom has always been ahead of the curve in adopting the latest and best technology available to help its customers succeed. Here are three instances of the technologies of the future deployed by Bizom in recent months:

a) Bizom is the first enterprise progressive web app (PWA) in the world. PWA is an exciting new model that’s taken the tech world by storm by combining the best features of web-based apps and native mobile applications — this means no app downloads or pesky play store updates to worry about; just use Chrome to visit the URL and you’re good to go. It even works offline, allowing Bizom to enhance its offline functionalities.

b) Bizom formally launched Bizom Arena, its brand new gamification feature, recently. This feature allows customers to turn their sales team’s work into a fun virtual game of their choice where teams play against one another and every sale counts as a run or every target met a goal. This feature has proven effective in motivating teams like never before and increasing productivity and sales.

c) Bizom’s “patent pending” algorithm 35Hawk is a tool that uses advanced image recognition technology to measure brand visibility at retail outlets. The data captured by this technology can be used to create geographic heat maps of your brand visibility versus your competitor’s brand visibility. 35hawk effectively provides you with real-time insight into your brand penetration in your entire retail universe.

Greater flexibility

In a fast-changing, unpredictable environment, the ability to be flexible is often the difference between a business that survives and one that doesn’t. A cloud-based SaaS application, Bizom’s solutions are configurable to the point of being do-it-yourself (DIY). Bizom is also modular – you can pick and choose the solutions you require at any given point in time.

Help retailers match retailers' ability to fulfil on-demand expectations

According to Global Powers of Retailing 2017, “relevancy (of retailers) will also be determined by the ability of retailers to meet the on-demand mindset of the modern customer.” One of the doyens of traditional retail, Future Group’s Kishore Biyani, has already recognized this trend and is planning to roll out a new hybrid technology-plus-brick-and-mortar retail format christened Retail 3.0, or Tathastu, where “you ask and you get it.”

With Bizom’s advanced BI and analytics, you too can support your retailers in fulfilling customer expectations of on-demand delivery by accurately anticipating demand, predicting stockouts, and suggesting orders.

Minimize risk

In the dynamic, hyper-competitive FMCG environment, where a false step could doom the business, the best strategy is to go with tried and tested technologies – it’s a simple way of cutting risk without ceding any competitive advantages. Bizom, a brand with 200+ enterprise customers and 4 million retail users is an easy choice for sales transformation.

Nothing succeeds like success

A company that is successful and profitable today is better equipped to take on tomorrow’s challenges. Bizom helps its customers succeed today by creating a ripple effect of efficiencies: a smarter sales force makes for a more motivated sales force, which in turn makes for significantly higher productivity, lower costs, higher profits and a healthy business – a future-proof business.

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