SKU Filter is designed to filter out the widget based on properties of SKUs and/or SKUs. SKU filter can be created as a hierarchy on the dashboard to get the SKUs mapped to selected property.

Steps to access SKU Filter

  • Go to dashboard creation and/or settings , check on SKU Filter. Select the properties required to get a list of SKUs.
  • Save the dashboard and check on SKU filter showing on the dashboard.
  • Create your own hierarchy of SKU through “Add Filter” option. Eg:-
    • Click on “Add Filter”
    • Choose from the list of properties- Brands, Sub brand, Categories which should be the start of the hierarchy.
  • Keep adding filters below to create the SKU hierarchy.
  • SKU will always show as the ultimate step to give the SKUs with all the selected properties.
  • At any point of time, the filter can be removed from the hierarchy and/ or added and saved.
  • SKU filter hierarchy created for a particular dashboard gets saved for it.
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