Super Sales Sunglasses For Your Super Sales Team

by Rituparna Nath

April 1, 2022 | 02 min read


Having your eyes on the market is the best way to know what’s happening.

Imagine seeing the market through the eyes of your sales team.

  • You know every sale every salesman makes. 
  • You know how every product is placed on retail shelves.
  • You want to know where your salesmen are travelling to? You can do that too.

And so much more.

So what can make that happen?

Maybe the Super Sales Sunglasses for your super sales team.

For sales reps, managers and everyone in sales.

Just wear it to start working.

Sales reps can step into stores and the sunglass will say the exact products each retailer needs to store.

They can stand anywhere in the market and the smart sunglasses will tell towards which shops they should travel.

Taking an order from a retailer or distributor? Just tap on the sunglass and start ordering.

Need to process claims and discounts fast? Let the sunglass click a picture of every bill and send it to management right away.

Your manager wants to know how each sales rep is performing every day and every moment? Don’t worry. The sunglass tracks everything.

Sounds like a great thing right? Or is it a little fragile?

If you’ve read it here, we wish you a Happy April Fools day 😄 and we hope you become a fool only today.

Do retail intelligently every day!

While Super Sales Sunglasses are still a theory, you can still do all the things above through Bizom’s 360 ° retail tech capability.

To know more, request a demo or mail us at to talk to our retail experts.

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