A Superpower For The Prime Homemakers

by Rituparna Nath

December 1, 2022 | 01 min read


Where’s this? Where’s that?

Mothers or wives are bombarded daily with such questions. Because they know it all. They make our homes.

She’s the one who takes account of every requirement and makes sure every need gets met in time. From a new toothbrush for the toddler to getting new coffee powder, nothing skips the list.  

Even Google thinks a homemaker is usually a woman who manages a home. 

But, what if we told you there are those who are the prime homemakers.

The ones who are making sure, that not just one home, but every home has everything it needs!

The ones who are buying tiny packets of face creams for the youngsters who stay alone, and also those huge bottles that are used in family homes.

The ones who remember to keep low-priced chocolates that fit within every child’s pocket money, yet also keep those celebratory packs for our family ceremonies.

Yes, you guessed it right. They are the retailers! The Prime Homemakers.

Inside every small retail shop lies the daily needs of many homes. So when a retailer buys, he’s not buying for one, but for all.

But, over the years, the number of options that retailers are exposed to, has gone up drastically. Even chewing gum comes in ten options. 

And while we as consumers have the luxury to explore ten chewing gum reviews online even before buying one, retailers can’t afford that time.

Even though they want to buy the best of everything their customers desire, they are either not wholly aware of the immediate requirements of the market or don’t have visibility on what more they can store.

And that’s why these prime homemakers deserve a personal superpower!

Their own personal shopping app that can show them details of all products and SKUs they can buy. All schemes and promotions they can leverage. A way to let them shop from your brand right from the app.

It’s the new way of B2B buying

Come, explore it in depth through a free demo for you and your team. Connect with us at marketing@mobisy.com or click below to schedule a product tour. 

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