When should FMCG Brands choose Vitamin D?

Digital Transformation is key to getting Data insights for deeper Retail Penetration.

The digital divide in retail is widening now more than ever. The downpour of the pandemic has resulted in two types of retailers – ones who were forced to shut shop and the ones who recorded growth by choosing digital transformation. Thus the concept of “survival of the fittest” has never been more evident in the context of retail.

Sebamed’s Coup & 5 Must-Haves for Mid-Market CPG Brands

The brouhaha around soaps lately has me wondering if the pH debate is worth it. There is a fatigue with off-the-shelf mass consumption products. Consumers seem to prefer soaps made by niche brands like Sebamed which are cruelty-free and organic. There’s a perception that such products are better because they are made from wholesome materials with fewer chemicals. Read more…