Take a cue from people who drive you

by Rituparna Nath

October 6, 2022 | 01 min read


Step into the life of a driver who works for multiple companies like Uber.

We all know how they simultaneously juggle bookings across different platforms in the hope of maximizing their income.

But did you know that every time they accept a booking from one company they need to log out from other company apps to make sure that no new trip comes in while they complete the current booking.

And this usually backfires.

Car booking services monitor how active a driver is throughout the day. So when a driver logs out of the system multiple times their active rate goes down and the system tends to not give them new bookings.

Again, if a driver does not accept bookings repeatedly, their acceptance rate goes down and lesser trips are given to them.

So, when a driver accepts five bookings from one app, the other apps will automatically not provide him with new bookings.

Yet, while working for multiple companies, drivers are compelled to accept these risks.

Your business also experiences such risks while selling on multiple online and offline platforms.

Managing inventories and orders across the vast online and offline network causes tons of mishaps and many missed opportunities.

But now that’s history!

Companies selling in India can join the Open Network of Digital Commerce through Bizom and manage sales across multiple online channels from one single platform.

More interestingly, even if a company is not listed on different eCommerce websites, through ONDC, their products will be visible and available on every eCommerce platform powered by the ONDC network.

Sounds surreal right? But it’s real.

Companies like UNIBIC have already joined the ONDC network to increase their operational efficiency and maximize their online reach.

Download the ONDC Starter Guide or mail us marketing@mobisy.com to learn how your company can join the ONDC network and accelerate sales growth.

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