The Colours of Intelligence

by Rituparna Nath

April 13, 2023 | 01 min read


Do you know how many colours are there in the world?

The correct answer is, there’s more than our eyes can see.


It’s said, while the human eye can differentiate 10 billion colours, in reality there are 18 decillion colours around us.

Each different from the other.

There are actually so many colours that even if each human being on Earth was of a unique colour, there will still be too many humans left to be born, to complete the colour wheel.

Yet, the naked eye usually doesn’t pay attention to the different blues of the sky or the shades of the greens.

Similarly, in business, the lazy mind also tends to follow the same patterns and processes while managing large teams or selling to masses of millions.
But, being same never sustains.

Sustain = Survive + Thrive

That’s why, when the market environment is changing continuously, deploying the same retail execution strategies might assure survival. But not growth.

While entering a market, creating one product for all consumers can make a brand exist, but not flourish.

For the same reason, businesses have the need to deploy varieties of schemes, marketing collaterals, messaging and merchandising techniques, to grow in different ways.

Yet sadly, the variety of things that are done to reach the many different types of consumers, are measured by the same one yardstick. Month end sales figures.

  • No continuous monitoring of daily and weekly sales movement of each product SKU.
  • No measurement of how each store, region or sales rep is performing daily.
  • No visibility on daily business cashflows.
  • No insights on what consumers in the market are saying.
  • No monitoring of what competitors are doing daily.

Only one universal data point, to measure the efficiency of the entire distribution system.

That’s why modern businesses are becoming profit machines instead of product creators for the nation.

And that’s where Retail Intelligence comes in to give you 360° visibility on the entire downstream distribution and show you the colours of intelligence.

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