The Intelligence That’s Steering Retail Ahead

by Rituparna Nath

June 16, 2022 | 01 min read


Like water, distribution flows downstream with the aim to reach every part of the earth where there is a need.

But unlike water, distribution is not so transparent. 

Probably that’s the difference between god-made and human-made.

But then, God made us too. And we built retail intelligence. 

We also built the technology that can tell you what and how many products each retailer holds. The kind that automatically creates a new order to fill their inventories, when stock gets low.

And does so much more!

Water can force its way through the hardest rocks, but often distribution lacks that force.

The majority of retail companies lack the force to flourish in new markets harmoniously. 

Many are struggling to find the force within, to sustain and grow in their present markets themselves.

What can help brands find this force?


Technology is the force that can empower businesses to bridge market gaps and scale.

Retail intelligence can help brands build powerful and outcome-driven strategies for product launches. Instead of just studying market insights, Bizom’s Retailer App combines tech and data to encourage relevant retailers to order newly launched products and drive higher market penetration.

For the feet-on-street teams, retail intelligence helps fast-track their efforts by capturing data from the market and bringing the right data to them while they are in the market. For example, with Bizom’s Must Sell Lines tool, thousands of FMCG salesmen know exactly which products to sell to which retailer.

To sum up, problems in distribution occur due to a lack of clarity. Bizom brings that clarity to every selling touchpoint, ensuring that each person works in sync with the company’s goals.

So, stop selling in muddy water. Gain clarity and grow. Talk to us at to explore the possibilities of expanding your business with retail intelligence or simply request a demo by clicking the below button.

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