This Tech can Solve Your Toughest People Management Issues

by Rituparna Nath

July 8, 2021 | 01 min read


The initial investment to create a business is made up of people, capital, and maybe land or technology. But over the years, almost everything depreciates. The time value of money changes over time, and today’s technology loses value to tomorrow’s machines. It’s only the value of people that appreciates over time.

When a human being does something repetitively, they tend to become better at it. It leads to efficiency, which creates the opportunity for the employee to be more productive. Maybe learn a new tool of the trade or explore new regions in the market.

But that doesn’t happen all the time. When businesses stay growth-focused, they tend not to be people-focused. It might seem untrue, but it’s indeed quite basic. Often, the top sales managers of the biggest companies don’t have a clue about their team’s day-to-day productivity. They wait for the Excel sheet to be filled to analyze performance. Finance and HR teams wait till the end of the month to get a cumulative figure for monthly reimbursements for field employees.

These factors affect both parties involved. For example, the business loses immediate visibility on profitability and expenses. Also, when employees don’t get paid in due time, they show low work performance, which is difficult to access without real-time performance monitoring. Such employees will be demotivated and are unlikely to give in their best to achieve higher sales.

That’s why organizations need to give power to people. Make their employees more productive and more connected to the organization, from any part of the globe. Today, we are launching a solution that can help companies achieve exactly this!

Bizom’s Power2People combines tools like attendance and leave management and user claims management into one solution, making it easier for sales managers and HR teams to track employee productivity and expenses in real time.

Imagine a sales manager in the UAE tracking the performance of field staff in Oman. Or if an HR manager sitting in the USA can track the daily claims made by all sales staff. Such efficiency not just makes it easier to operate more smoothly but also helps in monitoring drops in productivity to take immediate action.

Bizom is inviting all FMCG brands to experience the benefits of this solution through a free virtual demo. Mail us at to connect with our team.

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