Toothpicks of B2B Sales Transformation

by Rituparna Nath

April 06, 2023 | 01 min read


The tiny food bits stuck in our mouth after a meal, did you know they have a name?

They are called Detritus.
Small in size, but can still bring havoc to the mind, by giving no visibility of what type of particle it is, exactly where it is, and how to take care of it.

So we take a toothpick and pick on it till it’s gone.

But is the same done in business?

If your everyday business glitches were like detritus, do you have toothpicks (tools) to make them gone?

~ When your product stocks get returned for expiry, are you checking if something went wrong in your distribution process or was it due to the low demand in the market?

~ Mid-of the-month, when your sales are stagnating, do you look into what went wrong and how best to fix it?

~ If your salesman doesn’t meet the monthly sales quota, do you track if he made the right visits and sold the right products that month?

~ When promotional schemes fail to drive sales success, are you monitoring if schemes are getting passed on properly to the seller?

~ When merchandising goes for a toss in the effort to take your products to hundreds and thousands of stores, are you proactively setting up processes to plan your assortments more effectively?

And the glitch list just keeps on getting bigger!

But you’re not at fault. While keeping the distribution engine moving, it becomes impossible to look back at minute problems in the downstream supply chain and tackle them on a daily basis.

That’s why consumer product businesses need tools (toothpicks) that can do it for you effortlessly.

Tools such as Auto-replenishment remove the possibility of out-of-stock situations by tracking the inventories of your channel partners in real-time. So no matter how remote your stores are, your team will always know the right time when stock should be sent.

Business Intelligence dashboards make it possible to track every movement in product, and the business at large. So may it be every Monday morning, mid-of-the-month, or even while looking at the moon, you can know what’s happening at the ground level and how best to get the work done.

And to ensure your sales team meets the target without fail, tools like Sales and Operations Planner predicts the right targets for each salesmen, whereas with the Suggested Order tool salesmen can plan assortments more effectively to boost revenue.

Similarly, when using a Trade Promotion Optimization tool to increase the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns, achieving sales success becomes as easy as playing a game. And a tool like Smart Merchandising uses its AI/ML capabilities to ensure that every SKU and products sit perfectly on each store shelf.

But you must be thinking, is it really important?

Now imagine what would happen if you did not take out the detritus from your teeth. It would rot.

It’s the same with your business. Small glitches can have a huge impact on growth.

So don’t wait for the next glitch to remove the detritus in your business. Connect with Bizom at to explore these tools through a personalized demo, or click on the link below and schedule a product tour.

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