Top 10 CPG Market & Tech Insights Stories of February 2021

In February 2021, our audience of CPG leaders, experts and executives couldn’t get enough of our stories on supply chain automation. Some of them had just begun their digitisation journey. They had read and watched our stories on deploying a distributor management system or beat optimisation. 

Others who have had successes from automation explored more complex themes such as how to build efficient B2B eCommerce marketplaces or multi-touch retail execution platforms. If you’re interested as well, here’s a curation of some of our best performing CPG market and technology insights stories and videos in February 2021.

4 Steps to Set Up & Grow a B2B eCommerce Channel
As 2020 showed us so brutally, the route to growth for CPG is B2B eCommerce. How do you deploy one quickly and effectively?

6 Steps for a Successful DMS Implementation
At Bizom, we have deployed fully integrated Distributor Management Systems in less than 8 weeks. To achieve that, there are milestones to achieve and the best practices to follow.

RTM Lessons from India’s Insurgent Brands
There’s a lot that incumbent brands can learn from the insurgent ones.

JioMart B2B Commerce – A pie in the sky or a game of thrones for consumer goods “ecosystem”?
It’s the Reliance juggernaut’s financial muscle, regulatory advantages, and an innate ability to dethrone market leaders that have made them category leaders.

Bizom Planoret is an intelligent platform that leverages powerful image recognition technologies to enhance a brand’s marketing and product placing strategies. Watch our product video >>

Beat Optimisation for FMCG – The Traveling Salesman Chronicles 
“Is the travelling salesman problem an NP-hard or an NP-easy problem?” Read on for the best practices in beat optimisation.

How to Identify the Right Outlets to Sell More the Hersheys Way 
Imagine a formula that will help your brand cover as many outlets as possible and service the top 10-20% that give 60% sales! Fortunately, we have an algorithm to do it. 

Seasonality in FMCG Consumption Trends in India 
In India, the seasonality of consumption trends have as much to do with cultural traditions and festivals as they do with the weather. Here are some insights about the “seasons” that impact FMCG sales in India.

4 Supply Chain Questions to Ask in 2021 
To digitally transform their supply chains, brands have to address four key challenges.

6 Steps for FMCG companies to Conquer New Territories 
Bizom has perfected these steps by working with the best minds in distribution across 300 companies and reaching almost 6Mn retailers through our platform.

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