Top 10 CPG Market & Tech Insights Stories of January 2021

2021 started with new hope. Markets showed their enthusiasm for the new COVID-19 vaccines and the new leadership in the US. It seemed as if world trade would recover after the long, depressive 2020.

Were we too optimistic? The cynic in us would have probably told that anything would be better than 2020. So what was the mood in CPG in January 2021?

We looked at the number of people who read our market and tech insights stories and their preference for specific topics. The most dominant theme is growth. Our readers wanted to know how to engage a tech partner, about the 2021 growth trends, and growth through digitization. Sebamed vs HUL was the other hottest topic and people seemed to love our opinions.

January was also the month when the Economic Times quoted our Kirana report a couple of times in their stories. We enjoyed many a dazed, trippy moment when our report made its way to the front page of the Economic Times. What’s not to love about that?!

I hope you enjoy this list of curated stories.

Infographic: The Bizom B2B eCommerce Marketplace Journey Map 

See the capabilities of a B2B eCommerce Marketplace come alive through the journey of the launch of a beverage brand in the fictional city of Cooper Station. Hello, Interstellar!

How to Engage a Technology Partner to Kickstart Your RTM Digitisation Journey?
Finding the right technology partner is not very different from trying to find a life partner. You have to find someone whom you can respect and trust.

Fast-moving consumer goods sales up 17% in q3
Economic Times quotes Bizom’s data in its front-page article on how sales recovered during the September quarter with greater at-home consumption.

3 CPG Growth Trends That Won’t Change in 2021
These three growth levers remain unchanged for any CPG business – find new customers, enter new categories, and identify new needs.

Urban demand picks up after 3 quarters; though rural growth is still robust
Villages had been driving the overall market growth, outpacing cities that were severely impacted by pandemic-induced disruptions.

Sebamed’s Coup & 5 Must-Haves for Mid-Market CPG Brands
Our take on the Sebamed brouhaha and what’s trending in digital solutions for mid-market CPG brands. 

5 Solutions Every Mid-Market CPG Brand Needs Right Away 
Every mid-market #CPG brand is driving digital transformation deeper into its supply chains. Are these digital solutions growing your brand?

Branded cooking oil sales rise led by higher in-home consumption
This HT Mint article quotes Bizom’s data to show that the prolonged lockdown drove up sales of branded edible oils by 28.2%.

JioMart B2B Commerce – A pie in the sky or a game of thrones for consumer goods “ecosystem”? 
It’s the Reliance juggernaut’s financial muscle, regulatory advantages, and innate ability to dethrone market leaders that make them category leaders.

Beat Optimization for FMCG – The Traveling Salesman Chronicles 
“Is the traveling salesman problem an NP-hard or an NP-easy problem?” our CEO asked one of the new R&D employees at Mobisy.

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