Top 5 Unbeatable CPG Categories of Ramadan & Making Digital Transformation Easy

by Mischelle Rebello

May 12, 2021 | 01 min read


Eid Saeed, my dear friends. On this auspicious day, may Allah shower his blessings upon you and your family! 

This Ramadan has been tough without meeting our extended families, friends, and community. Still, it has meant that along with us, consumers have been online more this season. Consequently, B2B e-Commerce has boomed for FMCG businesses and a few product categories have performed better than others. 

Here are some highlights from our data on the FMCG categories that did better than others as per the sales data of April vs May 2021

Category 01: Dairy

We’d like to think it was raita for the biryanis that has made yogurt & curd so popular during the Ramadan month. Consumption grew by 91%.

Category 02: Beverages

Soft drinks & energy drinks were consumed more in May ’21 vs April ’21. Sales grew by 22%. 

Fruit juices were comparatively less popular, and still did better than other products in the category with a 9% growth in sales in May ’21 vs April ’21.

Category 03: Commodities

Dry fruits continue to be a hot favorite. The category grew by 10% in May ’21 vs April ’21.

Category 04: Packaged Food

Spreads, sauces, ketchup, dips & jams were the favorite condiments of the season. The category grew by 58% in the holy month of Ramadan.

Category 05: Packaged Food

Surprisingly noodles & pasta were also copiously consumed. The category grew by 28% in May ’21 vs April ’21.

Bizom Retailer App

As we sail through the Covid wave, it becomes rudimentary to make retail remote. The wheels of retail trade can’t stop serving the general public. Consumers need it and the businesses need it. With around a billion people employed directly or indirectly in retail trade, who cater to the entire consumer universe globally, CPG can’t take a break. 

With intermittent lockdowns happening every now and then, retailers are working tirelessly to meet demand. Shops that used to stay open till night, are closing down during broad daylight. It’s difficult for them to stock their shops and sell their stock in those limited hours. But to a retailer, customer, and stock, both are crucial. Hence, retail stocking has to become remote.

The character of a brand is determined by how they care for their stakeholders. And it’s time for the FMCG sector to take care of its sellers and ease their lives by leveraging the power of tech. It’s time to change, to automate.

Bizom’s Retailer App is helping the biggest brands in the FMCG industry drive business remotely. Retailers can download the app from the app store and place orders at their convenience, in three simple clicks. The app informs them of all ongoing offers and promotions and lets them select when they want delivery. It’s like an online store for retailers. This helps retailers gain a more direct connection with the brand and order at ease without being pushed by salesmen. Retailers directly receive a confirmation mail from their distributors and can choose to pay for delivery. For brands, it’s an added advantage, as their salesmen need not step into the market and risk their health. As they can work together with the retailers remotely. 

Connect with Bizom at for exploring the benefits of remote retailing. 

For anyone looking for assistance in procuring medicine, we have launched a Covid 19 resource – The Find My Chemist app, that shows you details of all medical shops near you, that are actually open. Use it when in need, and share it with your dear ones and those in need.

Let’s stay safe and stop the spread.

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