Navigating the Challenges of Joining ONDC

by Bizom

August 21, 2023 | 05 min read


ONDC – Open Network for Digital Commerce has been quite the buzz over the last few months. Touted to be a game-changer for small and medium sized enterprises, ONDC was created to revolutionize how Indian retails.

The Objective

The idea of ONDC was conceived to support entrepreneurs at the grass-root level and digitize local retailers, thus enabling them to be a part of the country’s ecommerce revolution. Business owners who sell their products online have to often manage a plethora of ecommerce platforms and websites and in many cases even the logistics. Not to mention the hefty commissions involved in listing their products on ecommerce bigwigs like Amazon and Flipkart.

The government saw an urgent need to bring about a system where all communications (email, notifications, updates) and invoices spread across disparate platforms could be consolidated at a single location. ONDC provides an interoperable network of seller-buyer platforms, logistics providers, and everything in between.

If you are an enterprise charting your way into newer markets or evaluating options to start an online store, ONDC may be the answer. While selling online everywhere in India is incredibly easy with ONDC, it comes with its own set of challenges. Let’s deep dive into what these challenges are and how Bizom , a retail intelligence platform and a Seller app for ONDC can help you overcome those.

Benefits of ONDC

  • ONDC has no single entity to oversee the buyer and seller experience like a big online marketplace. Each component is managed and controlled by separate entities.
  • It is a unified ecommerce network meaning, when a seller gets onboarded as an ONDC seller, they are immediately visible on all buyer apps active on the network.
  • No more hassle of managing multiple contracts, orders, invoices, ratings, etc across multiple ecommerce websites.
  • No more paying hefty commissions to seller websites for listing your products.
Seller App for ONDC – Unlocking eCommerce growth for Indian Retail

Challenges of joining ONDC

Identifying seller app for large enterprises

ONDC is an unique opportunity for businesses of all sizes to have a presence online and sell their goods on a unified ecommerce network. It enables businesses to avoid the many complexities they would have to otherwise deal with in order to place their products on multiple ecommerce platforms.

Big ecommerce players and enterprises in particular need sophisticated and highly advanced technological solutions to manage their often complex and huge seller-distributor networks and business process flows. Finding a seller app that can tailor enterprise grade solutions can be a challenge. There are many components involved such as:

  • Connecting their entire dealer-distributor network with buyers pan-India enterprise.
  • A system to build D2C or B2B stores with hyperlocal fulfilment capabilities.
  • The ability to manage multiple brands from one place.

The solution: Find an ONDC Seller app that holds a good network of sellers in India and is accustomed with all the standard protocols and processes than online sellers need to follow to succeed.
How can Bizom help?

Bizom’s ONDC Seller app has been designed to offer unique tailored solutions for both SMEs and large enterprises handling high-volume orders and large seller networks. With features like fast order management, integrated catalog management, seamless dispatch and return management, fast payments and settlements, and buyer data storage, Bizom offers a comprehensive solution to manage sales and sellers.

Logistical issues

India is a huge country and catering to home delivery services in the farthest of places and remote villages is a huge challenge for business owners selling their products online. Though India is digitally advanced with internet and mobile connectivity even in the Himalayas, getting a reliable logistics partner can be an issue for sellers selling their wares online. Though registering on ONDC opens a plethora of new sales opportunities for sellers, logistics is something that holds them back.

A weak logistics system can have long-term negative impact on the brand value and overall reputation in the market. However, registering on an ONDC app like Bizom can help overcome this challenge. Bizom takes care of dispatch and return of orders thanks to its robust logistics network. Focus on making quality products and generate new sales streams and let Bizom manage all your logistics.

Uncertainty about future

Registering on ONDC in a way sets up the seller on a high-speed highway. They get access to pan India customer data opening new channels for sales and business growth. Most businesses are not financially prepared to scale up and make the most of this new found opportunity. ONDC as a network is in a very nascent stage. Business owners are skeptical about whether ONDC will be able to offer an advanced ecommerce ecosystem in case their business grows at an unprecedented pace.

Another aspect is that the current ecommerce platforms are customer-oriented and hence offer a customer friendly experience. They already have a solid loyal customer base to whom these businesses get access. Also, it is a tried and tested platform to support their business growth of course at a cost.

How buyers will adapt to ONDC based platforms is still not clear, or how user friendly it would be. Will sellers actually be able to access this huge customer base? Will customers prefer using these platforms? The questions are far too many.

How can Bizom help?

Bizom’s ONDC Seller app has been built using a future-ready tech-stack keeping in mind the future growth and evolving needs of these businesses ensuring they are ahead of the competition.

Final verdict

The primary motive for any business to enter the digital realm is to get better visibility, business growth, and a sense of control over the business. ONDC offers this and a lot more. It is a major breakthrough in the Indian ecommerce industry where it offers all businesses whether big or small an equal opportunity to have a voice, visibility, and growth opportunities. So, give wings to your business with the Bizom ONDC Seller app.

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