Transforming the Experience and User Interaction of Bizom Multi-Touch Platform

In a candid conversation dating back to my early days at Bizom, I remember asking our product team what their #1 goal was. In less than a few seconds, the team unanimously answered: “It is to solve complex distribution challenges in the most user-centric way”

While my tenure at Mobisy has taught a lot of things, one of the things that will always stay with me is the user-obsessed mindset at solving supply-chain challenges. For every interaction that is proposed within Bizom’s Multi-Touch Retail Execution Platform, there are two questions that are mandatorily asked:

  1. Is this the most optimal experience for the user?
  2. Will this accelerate the brands’ journey in achieving distribution KPIs?

And any experience or interaction that fails to answer with a resounding “YES” to both the above questions, does not make the cut. 

The last few months have been strenuous for global supply chains, and we at Bizom have been doing our bit to help our customers overcome supply chain disruptions.  A world that believed frontline sales and distribution teams cannot work remotely, was in for quite the surprise when remote sales and distribution teams thrived amidst the disruption. All they needed were the right tools and actionable insights. This not only reinstated that a mobile-first user needs the most intuitive experience across his digital touchpoints, but the most “human-centric” journey to achieving their sales and distribution KPIs. 

Drive intelligent retail execution across your distribution teams, channel partners & retailers, with Bizom’s end-to-end Route To Market Platform

With the above goal in mind, our smartest minds in UX Design and Interaction Design set out on a journey to further simplify the user experience across Bizom. While perfecting The Retail Intelligence Platform is a continuous process, we’re happy to have a new experience for our customers who wish to roll it out for their users and channel partners.

The journey to creating winning Route to Market strategies for the new normal, starts with identifying and leveraging the most optimal digital touchpoints for your employees, channel partners and retailers. And needless to say, the early adopters have first-mover advantage in crafting the most effective route to market journey.

Bizom customers can get in touch with their account managers or write to to roll out the new Bizom experience for their users and continue unlocking growth.

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