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These are the kind of days we live for at Bizom. We're excited to bring to you unique innovations that can change the world you live in.

These are the kind of days we live for at Bizom. We’re excited to bring you unique innovations that can change the world you live in. We’re sure that these innovations will drive at least 10255% growth for your brand. Read on to know more about Bizom’s latest innovations.

We’ve finally managed to make a reality out of decades of hopes and dreams of sales and distribution superstars like you. This one is especially for sales managers who can view dashboards anytime and anywhere without using any mobile application. It’s the ‘OneView Augmented Reality’ time!!

Why OneView Augmented Reality?

Use case 1: Imagine your Monday morning drive to work. Imagine all the time you spend at traffic signals and bumper-to-bumper traffic. What is the best way to utilise that time? We have just the answer! 

How about viewing your sales reports, your team’s performance dashboard, or even your supply chain performance on your car’s windscreen or a real-size view of the dashboard on a full-size billboard above you?

Use case 2: Imagine you’re babysitting your toddler and need to keep him/her engaged during your sales call. We have just the answer! Get away from boring dashboards on your laptop screen and refer to the real-world version of the dashboard in the comfort of your living room. What’s better? You can now seat your toddler on top of the real-world rendition of the dashboard and let them interact with our ‘phygital’ assistant, who will happily play peekaboo with your toddler for hours.

Use case 3: What do you do when you’re on a date, and your boss asks you to work on a critical report?

You wouldn’t dare switch on your laptop on a date. Instead, see an augmented reality rendition of all your sales dashboards right behind your date’s seat. What better way to get your work done during a date while it seems like all your attention is on your date?

What’s stopping you? Write to us at to know more about our OneView Augmented Reality solution!

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