Unfolding the power of data-driven decisions at the Detroit of Asia – Chennai

by Vishrutha Hangal

March 20, 2023 | 04 min read


Today’s youth prefers packed food over home-cooked food, which can be an advantage for the packaged foods industry, since India has the highest youth population in the world. Thus the scope of growth is on the high rise and will only continue to rise.

We organized our fifth edition of Chai with CPG Leaders at the Detroit of Asia – Chennai, focusing on distribution technology and its importance in the CPG industry.

Our panel of esteemed CPG Leaders who brought diverse perspectives to the roundtable discussion, included – CV Prabhu and Sriram Jayakumar from WayCool Food Products, C G Pradeep and Keshavan from Ava Care (Medimix), AG Rajiv Milkha Singh from Nippon Paint India, Priya Ramanathan from MOHB Growell Private Ltd., O Gopal from Futurefarms, Kannan M from KALS Group, Senthilkumar S from Eureka Forbes Ltd, Sunny Natarajan from Astrea Skincare, Anand R from VVD & Sons Ltd.

The conversation on the growth levers for FMCG commenced at 05:30 pm, focusing on “How to balance growth and RTM innovations to be future-ready

AG Rajiv Milkha Singh, Head Of New Business from Nippon Paint India shared that multi-brand insights given to others, will give clarity on the target audience, benchmarks, and help understand the consumer buying patterns to be future-ready.

He also believes in the concept of giving the consumer what they need even if it means that Paint needs to be a DIY.

Sriram Jayakumar, Head of E-commerce at WayCool Food Products said, Tech is like open-heart surgery. He feels that using tech is not enough until we impact the approach of people actually adopting it.

CV Prabhu, VP of Sales from WayCool Food Products shared that technology is present across all industries but quite less in the agri-tech industry, which is why he has started leveraging tech in agriculture at his own venture. 

Priya Ramanathan, founder of MOHB Growell Pvt. Ltd. shares about her company and the competition present in the skincare industry, which makes it crucial to have a different set of skincare products for the youth in sports.

Kannan, AGM – IT Projects from KALS Group of Companies shares that using advertising and giving freebies to the customers will help them know more about the product and help the company understand the customer’s needs and wants.

Sunny Natarajan, COO at Astrea Skincare – Sallum Pvt. Ltd., says that one can sell the product offline but translate or transfer the customer online with the experience with the offers, etc.

Sriram Gopal, CEO at FutureFarms talks about the most effective channel to reach out to consumers, to understand where the audience is actually present. Hence, understanding D2C platforms has become really important.

C G Pradeep, Head of Modern Trade from AVA Cholayil Health Care Private Limited, shares his views on the importance of tech. He feels everything is going to become technical, and it is going to be a challenge for the traditional style process.

Senthilkumar S, Senior Business Head at Eureka Forbes Ltd iterated that the first thing one must understand in the business is the topography. Data from multi brands given to others will give clarity on the right investment points to understand the target audience, benchmark, and understand buying patterns.

The goal of bringing together the brightest minds in retail to converse on the challenges and necessities of developing a data-driven retail ecosystem was successfully achieved.

Stay connected with us for our forthcoming Chai with CPG Leaders Meets. For any queries, write to marketing@bizom.com.

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