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Our midnight food cravings always bring up the same question - “Will I be ok if I ate at this hour?” But has that ever stopped us? Never!

Our midnight food cravings always bring up the same question – “Will I be ok if I ate at this hour?”

But has that ever stopped us? Never!

Being overstuffed is alright. But the last thing, we – the greatest living beings want, is to feel helpless. 

Which is why every consumer today is looking for other options, in order to stop feeling powerless in a world where a few dominant businesses have set the rules in the market.

Today, we are riding cabs at the prices the companies dictate. 

Even to buy a packet of biscuits online, consumers are restricted to choosing from the options the platform has in store.

So, even when we just want a 10gm pack of biscuits, if the online store only has biscuit packs of 1kg, we have to buy them!

This often forces consumers to explore unknown products & brands. Because, it’s better to fail while being free, than to be powerless and stuck.

This is how ONDC is changing the eCommerce landscape.

With ONDC, consumers need not be compelled to choose from limited product options. 

Every product of every size, is available on every website on the ONDC network!

Buyers can explore a wide variety of brands, which opens up doors for new and emerging brands. It also acts as a super-launchpad for new products, which require high investments in old and new channels to drive awareness and acceptance. 

Moreover, the time it would have taken earlier for a company to reach a new market in India, can probably be reduced to ¼ through the Open Network of Digital Commerce. 

Even from a cost perspective, the money that companies save by not paying those high commissions to eCommerce platforms, can help lower investments and yield higher ROI.

Indian snacks and chocolate brands UNIBIC & LuvIt were some of the early ones who foresaw these benefits and have started selling across the ONDC network using the Bizom Seller app.

Because to build great-quality, sustainable products, you don’t always need great marketing budgets. You need the right medium to reach the right people. And when the consumer is everywhere online, products must be too.

Has your company joined the ONDC network yet? Don’t hold back your growth. Download the ONDC Starter Guide and see how you can sell more everywhere with Bizom. You can also mail us at marketing@mobisy.com and schedule a product tour.

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