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DIY Analytics

DIY analytics is to provide our users with day-to-day activities in the business and get insights on them to run businesses. This tool provides enterprises with reports and dashboards and empowers them for decision-making. Three dashboards are provided as standard dashboards to users:-

  1. Manpower Efficiency
  2. Channel Performance
  3. Brand Performance

Apart from the standard dashboard, a user can create their own dashboards through the following simple steps:-

  • Log in with your credentials
  • Go to Menu, check Insights
  • On Insights, there would be a list of dashboards already made, you can either check data on those dashboards or create your own.
  • To create the dashboard, look at the “Edit” option below and create a dashboard
  • While creating a dashboard, the following actions can be done:-
    1. Add Title, Description
    2. Select Filters, Organization Hierarchy, and User Hierarchy – Role or Designation based
    3. Default date range and maximum date range

  • Check on “Create” to get the dashboard
  • Widgets can be added to the dashboard through the + icon at the bottom of the dashboard
  • The widgets provide actions to change the configuration.
  • The widget can help with data downloads as well as images.
  • You can change the size of the widget to get a larger view through a toggle or full-screen icon on the widget
  • Post creation of the dashboard any changes can be made through actions on the dashboard, actions like
    1. Changing settings for the dashboard
    2. Changing the User management- The user can be given access to download the data or hide a dashboard through a simple 2-letter search.
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