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User Guide To Dashboard

DIY Analytics

DIY analytics is to provide our users with day to day activities in the business and get insights on them to run businesses. This tool provides enterprises with reports and dashboards and empower them for the decision making. Three dashboards are provided as standard dashboards to users :-

  1. Manpower Efficiency
  2. Channel Performance
  3. Brand Performance

Apart from the standard dashboard, a user can create their own dashboards through following simple steps :-

  • Login with your credentials   
  • Go to Menu, check Insights
  • On Insights, there would be a list of dashboards already made, you can either check data on those dashboards or create your own.
  • To create the dashboard, look at the “Edit” option below and create a dashboard
  • While creating a dashboard, following actions can be done :-
    • Add Title, Description
    • Select Filters, Organization Hierarchy , User Hierarchy – Role or Designation based
    • Default date range and maximum date range

  • Check on “Create” to get the dashboard
  • Widgets can be added to the dashboard through + icon on the bottom of the dashboard
  • The widgets provide actions to change the configuration.
  • Widget can help in data download as well as image.
  • You can change the size of the widget to get larger view through toggle or full screen icon on widget
  • Post creation of the dashboard any changes can be made through actions on dashboard , actions like
    1. Changing settings for dashboard
    2. Changing the User management- User can be given access to download the data or hide a dashboard through simple 2 letter search.
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