Van Sales

Real time management of ready stock sales
with mobile based billing

0 %
increase in outlet reach for a leading
beverage brand
0 %
growth in orders for a leading
global confectioner
1 %
increase in average time in market for leading
beverage brand
Ensure correct stocking of van and ideal drop off at outlets with sale suggestions by pre-coded algorithms.

Complete On-the-Move Management of Your Direct Store Delivery Operation

Bizom lets you plan, stock, dispatch, track and invoice your van goods real time.

Real-Time Map Based Van Tracking

Track total distance covered and productivity at each outlet on a Map, with geo fencing and real time tracking.

Real-Time Van Inventory Management

Real-time van inventory management helps in updating existing stock in van with each transaction.

Mobile Billing Using Bluetooth Printer

Invoices are printed via a Bluetooth printer upon sale from the delivery van.

Collections, Payments
& Schemes

A solution that provides tracking of collections, payments and allows transparent schemes setup.

Case Studies

How iD Fresh Foods Used Bizom to Cut Wastage by 92%

iD was able to achieve 100% visibility on orders and returns, increasing the productivity of its van sales personnel and even cut costs on fuel and manpower with Bizom’s van sales automation

How a Coca-Cola Company Brand Used Bizom to Grow Outlet Reach by 15%

This African bottler of a beverage giant optimised its van sales operations and plugged the gaps in outlet visists to drive growth.

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