What Does Ambition Mean To You?

It’s most probably not the same as it meant ten years ago to you. And when you think about it, the meaning of ambition changes with time for every person. 

It’s most probably not the same as it meant ten years ago to you. And when you think about it, the meaning of ambition changes with time for every person. 

Ambition is maybe like those songs we get hooked on to, at certain points in our lives. Some songs remain to become our favourite ones, while others get replaced by different tunes that sync more with life.

For many of us, ambition tends to change its shape like a river. We all know people who wanted to be an astronaut in school but have ended up with a desk job, or something similar.

But the ones who can make their ambitions the favourite hymn of life; how do they do it?

Taking a thought or rather a wish and daring to make it a reality takes more than having huge expectations from life. It requires making huge efforts in life. 

Bill Gates, for example, wanted to be a businessman since childhood. Microsoft was merely a rudder to reach that shore. Even Dr APJ Abdul Kalam wished to work in something related to flying since the age of ten when his teacher asked him to watch birds flying and explained the theory of flight. Kalam became the “Missile Man of India” much later in life.

So, if we think of “ambition” as a place we dream to visit, each of these men portrayed remarkable efforts to build the wings to reach that destination.

Thus, when the ambition is big, efforts have to be bigger.

However, unlike an individual’s life where the foothold of ambitions can be easily controlled anytime, in the game of business one has to play their ambition on a loop every day and make their efforts bigger and bolder, to win big.

Think about it. If you’re ambitious about losing weight and yet have been failing miserably, you’ll grow obese till one fine day you get a reality check and gain more control over yourself. But if a business forgets its goals for even a quarter, it would end up making up for the loss for years to come and delay the expected growth.

And today’s hard truth is, while we are all eagerly waiting to begin the new year with our hopes, plans and fear of uncertainties, most of our individual and business ambitions have been backtracked since the pandemic.

We might still be trying our best to bring the wheel of life and business back to its original track, but the world of retail has been tremendously transforming in the last two years.

Ambitious brands like Colgate, United Breweries, Parle Agro, Delmonte, Shell, and Emami have realized that the only way to accelerate growth and gain up on lost time is to increase efforts in the market and build a robust, digital-first supply chain. 

So, from building new capabilities for remote offline retailing to tapping into retail data at every product touchpoint, some of the biggest CPG brands are leveraging retail intelligence to build the wings to accelerate towards undisputed & unprecedented growth in 2022.

Do your business strategies for 2022 have the same edge? If you are looking to discover the secret sauce for supply chain success, don’t just read theories and case studies. Reach out to us, and let’s talk about real possibilities.  

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