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What’s Ahead for India’s FMCG

It’s IPL season soon, and we are excited. Yes, we are one of those optimistic sorts who believe despite every reason not to. We are incorrigible about these things. So when India Inc continues to ring the IPL cash registers, and FMCG enterprises line up to create another season of demand, we dive right in. What do we do? We build customised gamification solutions to enable our top FMCG brands to boost the performance of their sales force. Watch this space for more details!

Still, we acknowledge that these are uncertain times. Coronavirus is disrupting supply chains and shaking up the daily operations of consumer enterprises. Globally, FMCG enterprises are also facing virus-related headwinds.

The troubled times, however, offer your brand opportunities to bridge the gaps in technological capabilities. That’s because the economy and markets will eventually bounce back. Like it has in the past, customers will want to buy the next best and personalised thing. To deal with the new demand, you’ll need data and intelligence to ensure your brand is still in the game.

We predict that most companies will focus on greater operational efficiencies, mainly in response to slowing down consumption in rural areas. Retail intelligence platforms will lead the technology pack to provide data insights. You need the intelligence to match production to consumption, increase outlet coverage and motivate field teams to ensure both satisfied retailers and consumers. Here are our top FMCG trends for 2020.

Nadella Speaks
“If you think about the need of the 2020s, every retailer will need to build their own tech intensity. It’s not about taking away the art of retail. In fact, if anything it is about reinforcing that core art of retail. The core operational excellence of retail with tech intensity.

And it’s got a couple of key pieces to it. One is how fast are you adopting the latest and greatest technology. They key thing you don’t want to do is to fall behind because you don’t want to be in a place where you are reinventing the wheel. You want the latest commodity technology that you can import into your company, into your operation. But the most important thing is what’s that proprietary digital technology that each of you can claim as your own.”

– Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

When We Were Talked About

Bizom on the secrets of building a growing, India-first SaaS business with more than 95% revenue generated from Indian customers.How Bizom is using retail intelligence to help more than 350 brands automate their supply and distribution chains

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Perfecting the Retail Intelligence Platform of the Future
In the early days of our product huddles, we asked ourselves: “What do we want to be when we grow up?”

It was simple and clear in our head. Still, it took a million cups of coffee, and hours of illegible doodles before a zen-like sense of clarity dawned on us: To deliver a platform for the consumer brand ecosystem that is a single source of truth for distribution in emerging markets.

Staying true to our “childhood promise”, we are continually working on increasing the platform’s capability to drive growth and increase Route To Market efficiency for our customers.

If you are a Bizom user, here are some of our latest platform updates that will help you to continue unlocking growth. If you’re not a Bizom customer, there are enough reasons to become one!

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