Why Capacities eat Capabilities for breakfast

by Rituparna Nath

June 15, 2023 | 01 min read


Why Capacities eat Capabilities for breakfast

There are two things in life, the more of which you do, you can just keep doing more. It’s sleeping and eating.

The longer we sleep or the more amount of food we eat frequently, we tend to sleep and eat even more. That’s how our body’s environment creates more capabilities, thanks to the new capacities created.

The same thing is predominant in the business landscape. And it impacts the organizational performance every single day.

  • Capacity is what someone can do in a controlled environment.
  • Capability is what someone is able to do in their daily environment.
  • Performance is what someone actually does daily.

All three are correlated in nature. 

Which means, when the capacity is low, capabilities will also be limited.

Ergo, the performance will dip too.

That’s why building capacity in any nature or form, builds sustainability.

May it be the water that turns to vapor and then to ice, or we humans, who learn to walk when our baby bones get stronger.

The best part is, even when we lack the required capabilities, the right capacity can help us become more capable, easily and much faster.

Like, when a new salesman enters the territory their first day, if the company has the capacity to guide him to the right shops, and show him exactly which products to sell where, he learns faster and he learns it right.

It’s also true for distributors who fail to manage their heavy inventories for multiple brands. If the company has the capacity to make his inventory auto-replenish and get all product schemes mapped to each retailer automatically, then the distributor will start stocking more and selling right faster.

The sales, category and trade marketing managers are losing daily sleep, due to the pressure of reaching hefty targets in dense markets. But when the organization has the capacity to show them how each of their salesmen are performing in real-time, or what are the sales numbers of each shop, they would work and sleep much, much better.

Even the top company executives who are paid millions to build the best market strategies, the lack of visibility across each market, supply chain and product line, cripples them to strategize faster.

Whereas the lack of right technology that can drive those strategies to reality, chops off the organization’s limbs to become better in retail execution and grow in the market.

Ask around.

Everyone around you is 100% sure they’re doing everything to make the company grow.

So it’s time to increase the capacity and the sustainability of the business, to make every stakeholder in the downstream supply chain become more capable and perform better.

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