Why Leaders need Resonance before Revenue

by Rituparna Nath

August 17, 2023 | 01 min read


At the age of 7, it’s probably every child’s happy place. One that made us aspire to reach as high as possible, and taught us how to do it on our own.

The swing is one of the finest examples of how to reach higher by building resonance.

Resonance, is the ability to match a motion at the right pace and at the right moment, in order to increase its velocity.

Here’s how.
A swing itself has no power to propel forward. But we learnt how to move our legs and upper body to match the little motion the swing has, so we can increase the speed of the swing in leaps and reach higher than ever.

The best leaders do the same.

Virtuous leaders always give their team the right push at the right time, and towards the right direction.

But, in retail where the market runs across thousands of miles in every direction, how is it humanly impossible to push each team member in the right path?

The answer is simple, like childhood.

You build a stronger and intelligent swing for you and your team.

Even when you are miles away from your distribution channels, know how to show each team member the right direction with the Manager’s app.

It’s a swing that goes 360° to give you an end-to-end view of your entire distribution, bringing you real-time updates on each business KPI that matters the most, and helping you identify the bottlenecks and the problems that need your immediate input. A true game changer when it comes to managing the vast network of sales and distribution.

And because, the best distribution techniques demands every stakeholder to take the right action at the right time, placing your business on a strong swing that can monitor the stock level at every store, to instantly alert your team to send stocks to refill, is a must-have foundation to skyrocket sales.

An intelligent swing that let’s you prompt each field salesman exactly what to sell when they visit a store, so that you can close any gaps that can affect the revenue.

Retail intelligence is that magic swing!

Because when the weight of the business increases, most swings fail to control the pressure while trying to fly.

So choose a powerful one. One that has the ability to ensure no matter which heights you aim to conquer, you and your team can always get that perfect push.

Build sales & distribution resonance with retail intelligence. Tap on the button below, or mail us at marketing@mobisy.com to explore the growth possibilities with retail intelligence.

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