Why rely on sales reps to engage with retailers?

by Mehak Jaggi

November 30, 2022 | 02 min read


Retail has come a long way. In the last decade, we’ve gone from clunky cash registers and being buried under a never-ending pile of paperwork to using a single gadget to sell anywhere.

With today’s evolving retail technology, retailers can stock up their entire store with nothing more than a tablet or smartphone. 

In other words: you’re able to manage your retail business from anywhere, at any time. 

There are much wider gaps when brands want to engage and market to retail stores. On average, brands can only access less than 60% of their outlet universe on a regular basis.

Brands are entirely dependent on sales teams & physical visits to engage retailers with their products. Thus, sales visits often become replenishment visits.

Retailers either get partial information or are unable to retain information about all the products,  schemes, and benefits offered to them.

But the larger question is, can brands understand the market pulse? Do they know whether all their marketing and sales spending is going in the right way? Are retailers able to retain all the product information till the end of the day? 

Not sure right…. As they have to interact with ‘n’  number of end customers and sales reps of different companies on a daily basis, it becomes challenging to retain them all.

But imagine if you get an instant way where retailers can get the ease of all this and engage more with the brands.

We have a solution for you- the BIZOM RETAILER APP.

Retailer App is the answer to the dynamic needs of the retail industry, combining all our retail experience with technology and data management.

Its easy-to-use features allow retailers to browse through thousands of products, make instant price comparisons, get them delivered the next day, know relevant trade promotions, get live feed from brands they stock or want to stock, and many more benefits.

Today, mobile is everything! You can find everyone in your target audience through mobile! Do not underestimate its power, or you’ll be left behind.

Talk to our experts to know more about it.

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