Why Your Friend’s Parents Matter

by Rituparna Nath

August 11, 2022 | 01 min read


Let’s be honest. We never really knew their names, but they dominated our happiness.

We enjoyed the mom-made tiffins from our friend’s lunchbox, with a bit of extra tiffin sent only for us.

We cancelled plans because someone’s parents didn’t give permission.

Our childhood was filled with such experiences.

Or are we still going through them?

You know your distributors and salesmen, but you probably don’t know your retailers.

The feedback from your retailers usually doesn’t reach your ears.

Your distributors cancel orders because retailers are not ordering.

Your distributors are causing disputes because retailers buy your products from cheaper sources online.

Retailers matter. A lot.

And while as a child you weren’t equipped to manage such stakeholders, now you can!

You can build a bond with your retailers using distribution technology. Know them, their business and their opinions.

With intelligent solutions like the Retailer app, create a direct communication channel with every retailer.

1. Your retailers want to know which schemes and discounts are running?
They can see them anytime on the app.

2. They want to explore all your products and SKUs?
Everything is available on the app. 

3. Do retailers wish to share their feedback directly with the company?
They just need to type it out and press send.

4. Are retailers tired of waiting for their salesmen to come and take the order? 
Simply let them order on the app and save time. 

They can also view their previous orders and invoices, check when their orders are expected to be delivered, and do much more.

But you must be wondering, is this really necessary? 

Well, it has actually become compulsory! 

These small shopkeepers are the ones selling your products to your consumers. And your competitors visit these sellers daily to hogwash them into selling their products.

That’s why is vital to give them a great experience with your brand, that makes them trust and treasure you.

So be the adult in the relationship. Leverage retail intelligence and simplify stakeholder management. Talk to our team at marketing@mobisy.com or click below for a free product tour. 

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