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Will Automation Make the FMCG Industry’s Sales Force Obsolete?

This is a question Mobisy’s CEO Lalit Bhise often faces when he takes the company’s flagship product Bizom – an end-to-end suite of tech solutions designed to streamline consumer goods companies’ sales and distribution – to conferences and trade shows. Some delegates at these events, usually senior sales executives, express concern that in the future “robots”, or technology, may be replacing sales personnel.

The question of which jobs will be taken over by robots/AI is of course a burning question today (just try googling “will robots take my job”), and one that tech leaders such as Elon Musk and Bill Gates have weighed in on (sometimes with Doomsday-type predictions). There are even tools online that tell you if your job is safe from automation.

Watch the video of Lalit’s talk at 2018’s ET Sales Strategy Summit for his FMCG sales-specific answer to this.

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