Will iPhone 4.0 solve the pain of developers ?

When iPhone opened it’s SDK for developers 2 years back, we were very optimistic about the possibilities. The ecstatic response to the ‘app-store’ proved that iPhone had a great market and app-store was the best way to reach iPhone users. But still the SDK itself missed a lot of key features any decent SDK should have.
While porting Mobitop to iPhone from Symbian, we sorely missed following.
1. A deeper API to Safari browser
2. Ability to run the app in background (there is Push registry but it’s nothing like a real daemon)
3. Ability to ‘listen’ to SMS or calls
4. Ability to set SMS body from APP
5. Ability to render content on idle screen
And many more …
These limited our abilities to do some cool stuff for iPhones.
Today I just read a rumor that Apple may announce iPhone OS version 4.0 soon .. I just hope it addresses all these issues. But realistically I think just the background functionality may improve.
BTW , if you are the ‘fun’ type, you can always do all these on a ‘jailbroken’ iPhone …:-)

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