Retail Intelligence

You can, like Batman.

The mask, the cape, the super-cool cars and the Batcave, can probably not happen. But like the prince of Gotham, you too can have real-time visibility into any market, even without lifting your thumb.

The mask, the cape, the super-cool cars and the Batcave, can probably not happen.
But like the prince of Gotham, you too can get real-time visibility into any market even without lifting your thumb.

You seriously can. If Batman had the “Wayne affluence” and Alfred, you have the power of tech! 

Want to know which store, which sales rep visited when and did what?

Or want to predict when, which shop’s inventory will go out-of-stock?

Or probably you want your own Bat Signal to know when something in the market is wrong.

Or go a little crazy and make work a fun game.

You can. Just like Batman. 

Not from inside a Batcave, but on a platform that’s giving Batman’s vision to the sales teams of over 550 FMCG businesses worldwide. On Bizom – The Retail Intelligence Platform.

With embedded tools like Beat Optimization, managers can be expert trackers and know what each salesman is doing when. Or, a Smart Merchandising tool can be used to know how each product SKU is sitting in every store in real-time. And for a more superhero feel, you can use the Auto-replenishment tool, to give you Batman’s genius-level intelligence that tells you what’s going to happen next (Well, only in the business).

Your Bat Signal will not shine in the sky, but on phones where everyone’s staring most of the time. This can be done with a supertool called Business Intelligence, that will alert you even before the problem strikes. Because like Batman, you got to be ready for everything.

And when you want to feel the market is like a game arena, turn on the Gamification tool to turn sales into a game.

And if still you need more to get that prince-like feeling, there are 10+ more tools integrated into Bizom to make you the superhero in your trade.

To explore them yourself, Tap on the link below or talk to our team at

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