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Around 2900 km below the ground we breathe on, the Earth is changing. Recent research predicts that the planet’s inner core that’s surrounded by a liquidy outer core, has stopped rotating and is possibly rotating in the opposite direction.
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A discussion on RTM innovations for 2023, Chai with CPG Leaders was held at Hyderabad, India on the 11th of November 2022. Here are the event highlights.
A new era of eCommerce is rising in India, channelized through The Open Network Of Digital Commerce (ONDC). Sellers will sell from one place and Indian buyers will get a unified shopping experience.
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Some things just exist to make us realize how far we’ve come. Beetroot chips are probably one like that.
In this conversation with Bizom, Mr. Vikram Singh and Mr. Varun Bansal from Philips India, talk to our Growth Officer, Akshay Fotedar, on how data is driving efficiency in the Philips distribution system and about their digital transformation journey with Bizom, for building a more sustainable data-driven future.
Manifesting even a small change in the supply chain, can be a daunting task. So how does digitally transforming the supply chain look like?
COVID-19 3 Passing Fads You Should Ignore
The last four months have been an overload at times around gyan on how the world has changed. I think a lot of it is just overreaction. The world has and will remain normal after this in more ways you may think. There could be some sustainable changes, but those were happening anyway.

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