Have you ever jumped over an edge for a good view? If you have, you’d know that it’s not about ensuring that you cross over. That part's driven by adrenaline. 
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Distributors & stockists, and retailers are moving from fortnightly or monthly replenishment cycles to weekly cycles. This is driven by a range of factors including stock availability and ability to give credit in the market among others.
Fighting over land and territory isn’t new to man. From medieval times to the present day, conflicts over territory have resulted in prolonged battles that in turn have led to the invention of innovative methods to help keep armies energized and motivated.

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Rise of Standalone Modern Trade in India

COVID-19 3 Passing Fads You Should Ignore
The last four months have been an overload at times around gyan on how the world has changed. I think a lot of it is just overreaction. The world has and will remain normal after this in more ways you may think. There could be some sustainable changes, but those were happening anyway.
“FMCG brands have been naughty, causing price disparity”, so says the distributor Santas. Fighting the struggle to keep pace with the pandemic, a large number of FMCG brands have been selling online to create convenient shopping experiences for their customers.
Where does all the marketing bucks go? Probably on reaching and informing all prospective buyers of lucrative products & offers. But does that always do the job to earn the revenue? Somewhat yes and probably no.

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