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Explore how sales gamification ushers sales success

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Lay down the new basics of sales excellence

Measure & gauge dynamic KPIs

Performance leaderboard

Boost sales

Improves team spirit

Motivate With incentive

Make work fun and drive revenue with rewards

Attendance Monitoring

Enable geo-tagging and timely clock-in to ensure optimum time management on the field

Productivity lift

Real-time dashboards help field forces keep track of productivity and work towards improving their performance every day

Leveraging data to optimise route

Optimized beat plans for every sales rep to amplify daily productivity with increased product placement

Lifting SKU sales

Customized game plans to increase sales of new and slow-moving SKUs

Amplifying product launches

Create a game plan to accelerate GTM strategy and build market share for new products with ease

Achieve a higher fill rate

Reduce the gap between secondary sales & invoicing and ensure accurate stock planning

Turn the sales environment into team-building business games.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Gamification enhances morale and productivity by turning routine tasks into fun challenges. Through dynamic key performance indicators (KPIs), leaderboards, and incentives, it fosters healthy competition and motivates sales teams.
Gamification introduces incentives that motivate sales reps to achieve their targets. The promise of rewards, recognition, and tangible benefits drives performance and aligns with business goals.
By transforming work into engaging challenges, Gamification creates an enjoyable environment. The competitive nature of the challenges also drives revenue growth as sales reps strive to meet and exceed targets.
Gamification optimizes attendance monitoring through geo-tagging, ensuring timely clock-in. This feature promotes effective time management in the field, enhancing sales reps' daily performance.
Gamification offers customized game plans to increase sales of new and slow-moving SKUs. It also accelerates the go-to-market strategy for new products, driving market share growth with ease.

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